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Monday, 27 June 2011

Sin of Adam and Eve


Picture Credit: megalex

From nothing,

Earth and sky was formed.

From nothing,Land and sea reformed.

Within His majestic creativity

He made man in the image of the Holy Trinity.

Adam was the name given,

To him was given all that was living.

Before him did all the animals parade,

Yet it was to Eve that he did serenade.

Together they made a lovely pair,

Eating fruits that Eden bear.

But Lord God said.;

"From this tree you must eat naught,

If you do, you will live not."

Satan came in serpent's guise,

To Eve he gave a little surprise

,"Oh you silly,nilly but pretty daughter,

Come a little closer and you will see better.

""Did God really

Tell you so?

Thats because

He doesnt,

Want you to know,

The fruit in the garden center,

Will make you grow,A little wiser!

He thus invited her to the forbidden fruit.

From then in Eve sin took root

She looked at it. And saw it good.

Believing the serpent's

Guile , and stood.

She gave some to her bosom pride,

When Adam turned over his side.

The sin that caught then unawares,

Made them look at each other in stares.

They hid their nakedness in leaves,

But God could see their heart in heaves.

The guilt they found hard to hide,

Was the law of God which they deride.

The guilt of Adam and Eve is here today,

As man does choose his will( not His will) to stay.

Of self will and disobedience

the world is rife,

Yet patiently waiting

is my God of life.

( Jesus said,........" me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation: but be of good cheer,I have overcome the world." John16:33.


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  1. Hi, Alice Martin
    Great thoughts Here
    Thank you very mcuch


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