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Monday, 27 June 2011


God gave Samson a gift,

His hair, also source of his strength.

Samson, however, sought his passion.

And was blind to Delilah's schemes.

The result, he lost his hair, And his lover.

And his vision and his glory.

His passion of the flesh, blinded him mentally.

Which later resulted in his blindness, physically.

Abraham: to fulfill God's covenant, was blind

To God's righteous timings and begot Ismail.

Saul, had to have his scales removed.

His zest, blinded him to the truth; so he persecuted believers.

When we hold on to any one aspect of truth,

We may be become blind to The TRUTH.TRUTH is the personhood of JESUS CHRIST,WHO SAID ,' I AM THE WAY , THE TRUTH AND LIFE.' If you hold on to certain facts of Jesus Christ;You will be blinded.Only Jesus Christ, son of the living God will set you free -From your blindness.

This can later lead to complete blindness.

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