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Monday, 27 June 2011


Picture by Alice M Martin

How lovely the valley,

Cutting in fiercely,

Through the mountains

Flowers in full bloom,

Buzzing through them,

Are the busy bees.

White satin lakes,

Catching the snowflakes,

That shapely fall.

Of rushing rivers,

with no daring divers,

Near the milky fountains.

The rustling leaves,

Of mountain trees,

Twirling in the breeze.

Sky a carpet blue,

Holds birds of different hue,

And clouds of silver lining.

The peeping sun,

Joining the fun,

Behind the lofty peaks.

But ALAS! the mountain climbers,

Causing mighty disorders,

By their dumping plastics!

Whilst many others,

Cause ECO. disasters,

By their cutting trees.

The smoke from outside,

Makes one to churn inside,

Alas! the snow is ot white!

Come, lets clean up,

Our messy dump,

A new leaf to turn.

Come, lets have fun,

And brave the sun,


All of us must take responsibility to take care of our environment ( and the world at large).....and the environment will take care of you!!

5 June- World Environment Day

With regards, Alice

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